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  • Yellow Expanding Gel Aqua Beads 25 gram - 5 Pint volume

  • Price: £1.45

Amazing expanding Aqua Beads in a huge array of colours packaged exclusively for West5Products. No need to spend a fortune on glass pebbles to fill vases at weddings. The beads expand up to 150 times their original size and create a stunning visual effect.

To use you simply pour 1.5 litres of water into a basin for every 5 grams of beads, add the beads and leave for 10 hours while they inflate and then they are ready for use. These beads slowly release the water minimising the need for regular watering as they do so.

Use in Vases, general floral arrangements and candle bowls. As they loose their water you can re-inflate them again by adding more water. Note that these do not last forever and are best for weddings, restaurants, events etc rather than continuous use at home. While you can re-inflate them a good few times they will start to absorb material from plants and when that happens they have reached the end of their useful life.

To give you an idea of volume once fully inflated the below table is provided as an indicator. If you intend to use these to fill vases then see how many pint glasses of water it takes to fill your vase then use below table so you know how many beads you will need. This table is guidance only and gives approximate measurements. Order a few extra grams if you wish to play safe and on delivery, if you are using for an event, always immediately inflate a sample in your vase then estimate up from that to cross check your will have enough for the day you intend to use.

weight of beads approximate number of pint glasses it will fill
5g 1 pint
25g 5 pints
50g 10 pints
100g 100 pints
200g 200 pints
500g 500 pints
1000g (1kg) 1000 pints
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