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  • 28cm Small Standing Silver Metal Candelabra - 3 Arm

  • Price: £18.45

Most candelabras one finds are really quite large both in height and width making them suitable for only large tables. These candelabras however are different. Standing 28cm tall and with a width of approx 22cm these are very suitable for a family 4 person table typically found at home. They are also fantastic for mantles and candle tables. No less lovely, no less beautifully finished these candelabras are of great quality - just a tad smaller and look all the more lovely for it. Made from aluminium metal and shiny. This is the 3 arm candelabra. Each arm has a drip tray so they collect any wax from candles and then can be cleaned by running under hot water (collect run off in a bucket so wax does not block sink). 1x candelabra supplied

  • Stunning candelabra with a difference - its that bit small than most. Standing 28cm tall its perfect for you average family of 4 dining table at home
  • Also perfect for use on mantle pieces above the fireplace or on side candle tables
  • Made from shiny aluminium metal, these short candleabras look stunning and still carry some weight.
  • Each arm has a drip capture. 1x candelabra supplied
  • Stunning in look and feel

Width 280mm
Height 280mm
Depth 90mm

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